Planning representation

The Council is committed to protecting your privacy when you use our services. To find out more information please see our Privacy Notice.
Your comments will be published on the website and cannot be treated as confidential, your full name and address must be included. We do not acknowledge representations and will only write again if the proposal is significantly amended or to inform you if an application is to be reported to the Planning Committee. Please refer to our webpage for more information. The decision will be published online

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Your comments cannot be accepted on an application unless you provide a full postal address which will be displayed on our website 
Please include your email address to allow us to contact you electronically, these details will be removed for website publication
If you choose to enter your details, your phone number will be displayed on our website.
Please do not paste content from Word, please use "Notepad" if you wish to transfer your draft comments. Word documents can be e-mailed direct to and will be displayed in full on our website. 

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