Planning Representation

Your comments cannot be treated as confidential and will be placed on file and this website for public inspection. When we receive your representation, we will send you an acknowledgement and will not normally write to you again unless the scheme is significantly amended or the application is to be reported to the Planning Committee. The planning decision will be published in the local newspaper and on-line. Planning control is not designed to protect private property values or views of property

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Your comments cannot be accepted on an application unless you provide a full postal address which will be displayed on our website 
Please include your email address to allow us to contact you electronically, these details will be removed for website publication
If you choose to enter your details, your phone number will be displayed on our website.
Please do not paste content from Word, please use "Notepad" if you wish to transfer your draft comments. Word documents can be e-mailed direct to and will be displayed in full on our website. 

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